To Ponder:

Heaven will consist of the moral perfection of the soul, perfect knowledge, perfect holiness, perfect love, perfect likeness to Christ, perfection of the body in incorruptibility, immortality, glory, and spirituality; the presence of God in the full manifestation of His glory, the beatific vision of Christ, the fellowship of angels and all the redeemed, the joint worship of the heavenly multitudes, the perfect service of Christ, without interruption, imperfection, or cessation, complete freedom from pain, toil, hunger, thirst, anxiety, fear, sorrow, death! Such is the substance of heavenly felicity. Take any one of them by itself–and each is a Heaven! Add them altogether–and what a Heaven! How pure! How elevated! How felicitous! (J. A. James, “The Practical Believer Delineated“)

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