To Ponder:


A humble Christian will feel that he owes everything to God’s grace and love. This was Paul’s feeling: ‘By the grace of God, I am what I am.’ ‘To me, who am less than the least of all saints–is this grace given.’ No one can be said to be really humble, unless he is fully persuaded that he has no merit whatever of his own. When anyone feels himself to be vile and sinful, and is convinced that he deserves nothing but eternal damnation–then how wonderful and glorious does the love of God appear in providing salvation for him! Now, can you feel this? Can you say, “Thank God for having taught me this. I see it clearly. I am nothing–and infinite mercy alone can save me from the Hell I so truly deserve!” I am certain of this–that it is only the humble who can feel the value of a Savior, and who will cordially and thankfully accept His offers of mercy. One of the first things therefore that the gospel of Christ does for us is to humble us; to show us what we are–and what we deserve; to strip us of all our false coverings; and to place Christ before us as the only refuge for penitent sinners! Well indeed it is, if your heart has been thus humbled–so that you feel inclined to lie low at the feet of Jesus, and to cling to His precious cross alone for safety. I need not ask whether Christ is dear to you. He must be–for now that you are enabled to lay hold of Him by faith, you would not for the whole world exchange your treasure! You may be poor–but you can hardly call it poverty if you possess Christ. You may have trials and sorrows–but how light is every one of them, now that you can feel you have a dear Friend by your side, who can turn all your sorrows into joys! (Ashton Oxenden, “The Touchstone of Humility” 1884)

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