To Ponder:


Get often into the mount of divine contemplation, and there look upward unto heaven and think with yourselves, “Yonder, yonder, above the shining sun, is the more glorious Sun of Righteousness. There at the right hand of throne of God is my beloved Jesus, the Son of God, seated and, though He is high above me, both in place and dignity, yet He thinks upon me, and pleads for me, and many a gift has He sent and, by His Spirit, conveyed unto me; and I can ask nothing of the Father in His name but, if it is really for my good, I have it by His means. O dear Jesus, how lovely art Thou in Thyself! The darling of heaven! The delight of the Father! The admiration of angels! O what brightness of glory, what shining luster art Thou arrayed with! Thou art clothed with the most excellent majesty and honor! Thou art girded with infinite might and power! The beauty of Thy face is most wonderful! The smiles of Thy countenance are most sweet and delightful! And does this lovely fair one, this fairest of ten thousand, this most excellent and altogether lovely person bear a particular love to me? To such a vile worm as me? To such a dead dog as me? To such an undeserving, ill-deserving, hell-deserving sinner as me? O what marvelous kindness in this! What infinite riches of free grace! Does He know me by name? Has He given Himself for me, and given Himself to me, and shall not I give Him my heart? Am I written in His book, redeemed with His blood, clothed with His righteousness, beautified with His image? Has He put the dignity of a child of God upon me and prepared a place in the Father’s house for me? O wonderful! O admirable! What shall I render? What returns shall I make? (Thomas Vincent, The True Christian’s love to the Unseen Christ – 1677)

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