To Ponder:


“I am my Beloved’s–and my Beloved is mine!” Song of Songs 6:3. The Lord Jesus Christ is not only the Father’s beloved Son–He is the believer’s beloved Savior. Jesus is the object of a Christian’s adoring love–as well as of his hearty trust. He loves Him–because He laid down His life to redeem him. He also loves Him for what He is in Himself. He loves Him for His personal glories, and for the excellence of His character:

“All human beauties–all Divine,

In His Beloved meet and shine!”

He is to him the chief among ten thousand, and “altogether lovely.” What especially affords him satisfaction, is that he can claim Christ as his own–and that Christ also claims him as His own! His joy is supreme, when with assurance he can say, “I am my Beloved’s–and He is mine!” Every believer who heartily receives Christ as his Savior, his Substitute, and as his Lord and Master, and who unreservedly yields himself to Him–is warranted to claim Christ as His own, and to know also that he is Christ’s.

“Oh! I am my Beloved’s,

And my Beloved is mine!

He feasts a poor vile sinner,

With love and grace Divine!”

(“Every Day!” Author unknown, 1872)

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