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keepyourheart“If the people of God would diligently keep their hearts, their communion with each other would be unspeakably more inviting and profitable. Then ‘how goodly would be thy tents, O Jacob, and thy tabernacles, O Israel!’ It is the fellowship which the people of God have with the Father and with the Son that kindles the desires of others to have communion with them. I tell you, that if saints would be persuaded to spend more time and take more pains about their hearts, there would soon be such a divine excellence in their conversation that others would account it no small privilege to be with or near them. It is the pride, passion and earthliness of our hearts, that has spoiled Christian fellowship. Why is it that when Christians meet they are often jarring and contending, but because their passions are unmortified? Whence come their uncharitable censures of their brethren, but from their ignorance of themselves? Why is their discourse so light and unprofitable when they meet, but because their hearts are earthly and vain? But now, if Christians would study their hearts more and keep them better, the beauty and glory of communion would be restored. They would divide no more, contend no more, censure rashly no more. They will feel right one towards another, when each is daily humbled under a sense of the evil of his own heart.” Keeping the Heart John Flavel 1627-1691

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