Short pithy gems from Elizabeth Prentiss


1.      The longer I live, the more conscious I am of my human frailty–and of the constant, overwhelming need I have of God’s grace.


2.      The thorny path bears some of the sweetest flowers that adorn life. And when with naked, bleeding feet we walk upon a flinty soil–we often find diamonds!


3.      Dying grace is not usually given until it is needed. Death, to the disciple of Jesus, is only stepping from one room to another and far better room of our Father’s house. How little all the sorrows of the way will seem to us, when we get to our home above.


4.      What are trials, but angels to beckon us nearer to Him. I have lived to see that God never was so good to me–as when He seemed most severe.


5.      In proportion to your devotion to the Savior–will be the blessedness of your life.


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