To Ponder:

Tokens of God’s love! (Letters of John Newton) Trials, no less than comforts, are the tokens of God’s love! All is regulated by infinite wisdom. You will find cause to praise Him even for the severe afflictions. Cisterns must be broken–but the fountain of living waters is always full and always flowing!  Gourds must wither–but the tree of life has shade and fruit sufficient for us all, and at all times! Creatures must die, but the Lord lives! Creatures are like candles; while they burn, they waste away, and when they are extinguished, those who depend upon them are covered with darkness. But the Lord is a Sun to His people, and His bright beams can well supply the lack of the candlelight of creature comforts!

“Trials make the promise sweet,  

Trials give new life to prayer;  

Trials bring me to His feet,  

Lay me low and keep me there!”

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