To Ponder:

“First, faith has a mighty power of God put forth for the working of it in the soul. It is the exceeding greatness of God’s power, the same that raised Jesus Christ from the dead, that works faith wheresoever it is; and God does not usually put forth His almighty power in any extraordinary manner for the working of an ordinary thing; therefore faith must be some extraordinary thing, and must have some extraordinary virtue in it, wheresoever it is true, to do great things.

Second, faith has the great honor, above all other graces, to be the condition of the second covenant; therefore, surely, it is some great matter that faith enables us to do. Whatever keeps covenant with God brings strength, though itself is never so weak. Think of Samson’s hair; what is weaker than a little hair, yet because keeping that was keeping covenant with God, therefore even a little hair gave great strength to Samson. Faith, then, that is the condition of the covenant in which all grace and mercy is contained, if it is kept, will cause strength indeed to do great things.” (Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646) “Moses’ Self-Denial”)

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