To Ponder:

More J.C. Ryle Quotes

Look to the cross, think of the cross, meditate on the cross–and then go and set your affections on the world if you can!

A crucified Savior will never be content to have a self-pleasing, self-indulging, worldly-minded people!

The Gospel was not meant merely to reside in our intellect, memories, and tongues–but to be seen in our lives.

Happiness does not depend on outward circumstances–but on the state of the heart.

Health is a good thing. But sickness is far better–if it leads us to God.

The beginning of the way to Heaven–is to feel that we are on the way to Hell.

There is a common, worldly kind of Christianity in this day, which many have, and think they have enough. It is a cheap Christianity which offends nobody, and requires no sacrifice–which costs nothing, and is worth nothing.

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