To Ponder:

J.C. Ryle Quotes

To be a Christian–it will cost a man his sins!

There is no such thing as ‘chance’, ‘luck’, or ‘accident’ in the Christian journey through this world. Everything is arranged and appointed by God. All things are working together for the believer’s good.

The standard of the world, and the standard of the Lord Jesus–are widely different. They are more than different–they are flatly contradictory one to the other. Never be satisfied with the world’s standard of Christianity!

Hell is truth known too late!

A tree may always be known by its fruit.  Just so, a true Christian may always be discovered by their habits, tastes and affections.

Christ is never fully valued–until sin is clearly seen. We must know the depth and malignity of our disease–in order to appreciate the great Physician!

That Bible is read best–which is practiced most!

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