To Ponder:

 “My soul cleaves unto the dust–quicken me according to Your Word!” Psalm 119:25. What powerful attractions the present world has! How prone we are to sink down to its level, to become attached to its customs, and to cleave to its vanities! Yet, at the best, it is but dust. There is nothing in the world to satisfy or suit an immortal mind. Jesus died for us–to deliver us from this present evil world. The Holy Spirit urges us to rise above it, and offers us His divine and all-sufficient aid. He will not force, but only attract or draw. Alas! that we should slight His intimations, disregard His exhortations, and grieve His loving heart! We are not of the world–and yet how worldly we are! We are born from above–but yet how earthly we remain! Our souls go out after things that are carnal, drossy, dusty, contemptible–to the neglect of things that are spiritual, pure, holy, and invaluable. Heavenly Father, we confess our folly, we deplore our ingratitude, we condemn our conduct. We feel weak and feeble when we attempt to burst our bonds, and mount upwards to Your throne. O quicken, quicken us! By the power of Your Holy Spirit, and by bringing home Your inspired Word–quicken our poor, cold, lifeless souls! (James Smith, “The Evening Sacrifice; Or, A Help to Devotion” 1859)

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