To Ponder:

“This was the one who had reclined on Jesus’ bosom at the supper” John 21:20. The bosom of Jesus still pillows the head of the weary, loving disciple of the Lord. There is no real rest for the soul, but in Jesus. Where should the Christ-loved, the Christ-loving disciple lean, with his sins and sorrows, with his weariness and want–but upon the bosom of his Lord? It is the place of repose, of faith, and of love. There is room for you there amid the countless ones who fly to it for consolation, safety, and repose. Go and lean with your burden, your grief, and your sin–where the beloved disciple reclined; and you shall realize the blessedness of the oneness, confidence, and affection which exist between Jesus and all the disciples whom He loves. (Octavius Winslow, “The Loving, and the Loved” 1864)

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