To Ponder:

The duty, the privilege, the safety, the unspeakable happiness! “Looking unto Jesus!” Hebrews 12:2. Look unto the Lord Jesus Christ! Look unto Him as He hung exposed, wounded, bleeding, dead, and forsaken upon the cross! Look unto Him again as He now reigns in glory, possessed of all power in Heaven and in earth, with thousands of thousands of saints and angels worshiping Him! And then compare your sins–with His blood, your needs–with His fullness, your unbelief–with His faithfulness, your weakness–with His strength, your inconstancy–with His everlasting love! If the Lord opens the eyes of your understanding, you would be astonished at the comparison! “Looking unto Jesus” is the duty, the privilege, the safety, the unspeakable happiness, of a believer–are all comprised in that one sentence! It is by looking to Jesus, that the believer is enlightened and strengthened, and grows in grace and sanctification. (John Newton)

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