To Ponder:

Short pithy quotes from Adrian Rogers

  • Our sins were the nails that nailed Him to that tree–and our hard hearts were the hammers that drove those nails!
  • Reputation is what others think about you. Character is what God knows about you.
  • If you live for this world–then you are in the junk business. It’s all just premature junk!
  • Anything you love more, fear more, serve more, or value more than God–is your idol!
  • To be almost saved–is to be totally lost!
  • The devil would just as soon send you to Hell from the pew–as from the gutter!
  • God is sovereign–so live confidently. God is holy–so live reverently.
  • Where God leads–He feeds. Where God directs–He protects. Where God guides–He provides.
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