To Ponder:

“The first general work of the Spirit, as we have seen, is that he should bring back to our memories the things that Christ spoke for our guidance and comfort. This was to be the work of the Holy Spirit with respect to the apostles, who were to be the writers of Scripture. This is also his work with respect to believers to the end of the world. Now the things that Christ has spoken and done are ‘written that we might believe, and believing, have life through his name’ (John 20:31). They are written in Scripture. This, then, is the work of the Spirit which Christ has promised. He shall bring to our remembrance, and give us understanding of, the words of Christ in the Scripture for our guidance and comfort. Is this now the work of the spirit which is abroad in the world and perverts many? The business of this false spirit is to deny the things that Christ has spoken which are written in the Word and, instead, to claim new revelations of his own, to lead men from the written Word in which the whole work of God and all the promises of Chris are recorded. Such was the spirit of the Montanists and that of Mohammed and of all who claim new revelations today.” “Communion with God” John Owen

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