To Ponder:

If you are a holy person, then of a child of wrath you have become a child of God, a child of love; and of an heir of hell you have become an heir of heaven; and of a slave, you are become a son. (Thomas Brooks)

Adoption is a mercy spun out of the bowels of free grace; all by nature are strangers, therefore have not right to sonship, only God is pleased to adopt one, and not another, to make one a vessel of glory, another a vessel of wrath. The adopted heir may cry out, ‘Lord, how is it, that Thou wilt show Thyself to me, and not unto the world?’ (Thomas Watson) 

It (was) much for God to take a clod of dust and make it a star; (but) it is much more for God to take a piece of clay and sin and adopt it for His heir. (Thomas Watson)

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