To Ponder:

Surely I am not a child of God, because I find much pride in my heart, and much rebellion and corruption in my spirit. Surely if I were born of Christ, I should be like Him. But what says St. John here? We are the sons of God even now, though there is much unbelief in our hearts, and much weakness and many corruptions within us. . . If God saw it meet that His Son should be thus afflicted in the world and drink of such a bitter portion of God’s wrath, let us not think we shall go to heaven and partake of those heavenly mansions which Christ has prepared for us, without also drinking of the same cup that He drank of. Let us account ourselves happy that God will so esteem us as to make us His sons. . . The lack of love to any of our brethren is a sign of abiding in the state of damnation, or in an unregenerate and carnal state. (Cotton Mather)

Do all you do out of love, be not mercenary. A servant does not care to do anything further that he may be paid for it, but a child does not so; he does what he does out of love! (Jeremiah Burroughs)

Our sufferings are for our education and instruction in His family. . . There is no chastisement in heaven, nor in hell. Not in heaven, because there is no sin; not in hell, because there is no amendment. (John Owen) 

Be always comforting yourselves with the thoughts of your adoption. Draw your comforts at this tap, fetch your consolations from this relation; be therefore often chewing upon the precious privileges of it (meditation), and make them your rejoicing. Let this joy outstrip the lushness of every other joy. Let this joy dispel the mists of every sorrow, and clear up your souls in the midst of all troubles and difficulties as you await heavenly glory, where you will live out your perfect adoption by forever communing with the triune God. There you will dwell at the fountain and swim forever in those bankless, and bottomless oceans of glory. (Samuel Willard)

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