To Ponder:

Redemption was effectually accomplished and is effectually applied! The Holy Spirit is the administrator of God’s grace. Without the gracious operation of the Holy Spirit in conversion, no sinner would ever become a beneficiary of saving grace. The blessed Spirit quickens all whom the Father chose in eternity past, leads to Jesus, all the sheep for whom the dear Shepherd laid down His life, conquers the stoutest hearts, and cleanses the foulest spiritual leper, opens sin-blinded eyes, and unstops sin-closed ears! Redemption was effectually accomplished for God’s elect by Christ at Calvary; and it is effectually applied to all the redeemed by the Holy Spirit in effectual calling. The Spirit applies Christ’s work of redemption–in calling, convicting, regenerating, sanctifying, and preserving all for whom Christ died. Everyone whom God chose in Christ, is effectually drawn by the Spirit to Christ. Everyone predestined to be saved, is called by the Spirit in time, justified in time, and will be glorified in eternity–when time will be no more! (C.D. Cole)

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