To Ponder:

An old writer well said, “A family without prayer is like a house without a roof–open and exposed to all storms.” All our domestic comforts and temporal mercies issue from the loving-kindness of the Lord. The best we can do in return is to gratefully acknowledge His goodness to us as a family. Family worship should be conducted reverently, earnestly and simply. It is then that the little ones will receive their first impressions and form their initial conceptions of the Lord God. Great care needs to be taken lest a false idea be given to them of the Divine Character. For this, the balance must be preserved between dwelling upon His holiness, and His mercy, His power, and His tenderness, His justice, and His grace. Worship should begin with a few words of prayer invoking God’s presence and blessing.
A short passage from His Word should follow, with brief comments thereon. Two or three verses of a Psalm or hymn may be sung.
Close with a prayer of committal into the hands of God. Though we may not be able to pray eloquently, we should pray earnestly. Prevailing prayers are usually brief ones. Beware of wearying the young ones. (Arthur Pink)

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