To Ponder:

More Pithy gems from George Whitefield

  • Oh for a thousand lives to be spent in the service of Christ!
  • Left to himself–man is half beast and half devil.
  • God, give me a deep humility, a well-guided zeal, a burning love and a single eye!
  • If one evil thought, if one evil word, if one evil action, deserves eternal damnation–then how many Hells do every one of us deserve, whose whole lives have been one continued rebellion against God!
  • The reason why congregations have been so dead–is because they have dead men preaching to them. How can dead men beget living children?
  • I expect perpetual conflicts and struggles in this life. I expect only a cross, while on this side of eternity.
  • There are many who go on in a round of religious duties, who think that they will go to Heaven when they die. But if you examine them, though they have a Christ in their heads–they have no Christ in their hearts.
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