To Ponder:

Perhaps, there never was a greater profession of Christ, and of the truth as it is in Him, than in this day; yet many, very many professors content themselves with the form of godliness—instead of the power; the mere notion of truth—instead of the experience of it; the name of faith—instead of the grace of faith—the mere profession of Christ—instead of the actual possession of him. How few really feel their hearts happy in Him, their hopes centered on him, and then affections going out after him! Hence they are not devoted in life and walk to the glory of Christ. This calls for much self-examination, and great searching of heart. But, O the love of his royal heart! Instead of executing fierce vengeance upon us, for our sins, lo, he came from heaven to earth, with a flame of love in his heart, and matchless grace on his lips, on purpose to die for us, to wash us from our sins in his own blood, to conquer the rebellion of our hearts against him, and to win our affections to him. Has he saved us by his precious blood? Has he made us his willing, loving disciples, by his powerful grace? Surely, it is that we should live in the sweet enjoyment of all the rich blessings of his kingdom, and be holy and happy every day, yes, every hour, in him. In life and love be wholly devoted to him. (William Mason, 1719-1791)

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