To Ponder:

All plenitude is in Christ, to answer all the needs of His people. In Christ dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily, that out of His fullness I may receive all spiritual blessings! Have I destroyed myself by sin? I have deliverance from Him who is mighty to save from sin and wrath! Is my foolish mind darkened; am I a guilty, polluted and ruined wretch? Jesus is my wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption! Is my life fleeting and passing away like a shadow? Jesus is the Ancient of days, and endures forevermore! Are my days short-lived and full of trouble? Jesus is my life, the length of my days, and the joy of my heart! Am I exposed to contempt? Jesus shall be my crown of glory, and diadem of beauty! Am I traveling through the wilderness? Jesus is my staff, and on Him I lean all the way! Am I on my last journey to my long home? Jesus is my leader, and my rewarder! Am I a sheep? Jesus is my pasture, and my green pasture too! Am I hungry and thirsty? Jesus is my heavenly manna, and gives me to drink of the water of life! Am I weary? Jesus is my rest and refreshing! Am I weak? Jesus is my strength! (James Meikle, May 24, 1757)

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