Welcome! May the Lord bless you as we gather this day to worship our God and Savior. All children are welcome in our worship services.

Weekly Schedule: Morning service is at 9:30 am. Please wear masks in and out of the service. You may take off your mask in the pew if you wish. Please respect other people’s distance. If you have any viral symptoms, please stay home and view the service on the live stream.
Sunday School is at 11:00 am. Evening service is at 6 pm.

 Pastor is on vacation through May 10. For pastoral needs, please contact elder Josh Littlefield or intern Seth Dorman.

Ministry Opportunities: The Food Pantry is in need of an additional coordinator to help once a month. Please let Katie Duntley or the deacons know if you are interested in this opportunity.

The Ladies Circle is meeting this Wednesday right after prayer meeting.

Hannaford Fight Hunger Bag Program Limington OPC Food Pantry has been selected by local Hannaford store leadership as the benefiting non-profit in the Fight Hunger Bag Program! For the month of June, Limington OPC Food Pantry will receive a $1 donation from each purchase of the $2.50 reusable Fight Hunger Bag at the Hannaford store in Standish.

1 Response to Announcement

  1. Pamela B. Hughes says:

    Can you tell us when Limington OPC will next be celebrating the Lord’s Supper?

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