Welcome: All children are welcome in our worship services. We do offer a nursery through age 2 that begins during the Songs of Celebration portion of our service. There are also accommodations downstairs to help in the training of your children to sit in the worship service.

Church Survey: The deacons and carpet committee have mailed out surveys to each voting member of the church to be returned by June 30. The deacons are calling for a Congregational Meeting on July 14, 2019, to discuss the renovation of the church sanctuary. Please fill out these surveys as soon as you can and return them to the deacons. If you have any questions, please see Ben, Mike, or Peter.

Pray over the Foreign Missions Telenews Prayer List that is in your mailbox. Especially remember your brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering for the sake of the gospel, especially in China and Eritrea.

Nursery Schedule: This week: Kristen Kuschke and Liz Souza. Next week: Kathy Smith and Tammy Pike.

Upcoming Schedule: Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays at 7 pm through the summer as we study Behold Your God; Brochures for our Fall Conference with Pastor Martin Emmrich on September 20-22 are on the back table.


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