Morning Worship

Morning Worship: April 22, 2018

The LORD bless you out of Zion. Psalm 128:5


Silent Prayer of Preparation

God’s Greeting of Grace, Mercy and Peace

*Call to Worship: Psalm 85:1-7                                                                             p. 526/678

*Prayer of Adoration

*Hymn of Adoration: RT 370 Revive Thy Work, O Lord

Confession of Sin: Romans 3:9-20 (in unison)                                             p. 1001/1296

Silent Prayer & Assurance of Pardon: Romans 3:21-26    p.1001/1296

Confession of Faith: Westminster Confession of Faith (see insert)

WCF, Chapter 16 Of Good Works

  1. Good works are only such as God hath commanded in His holy Word, and not such as, without the warrant thereof, are devised by men, out of blind zeal, or upon any pretense of good intention.
  2. These good works, done in obedience to God’s commandments, are the fruits and evidences of a true and lively faith: and by them believers manifest their thankfulness, strengthen their assurance, edify their brethren, adorn the profession of the gospel, stop the mouths of the adversaries, and glorify God, whose workmanship they are, created in Christ Jesus thereunto, that, having their fruit unto holiness, they may have the end, eternal life.
  3. Their ability to do good works is not at all of themselves, but wholly from the Spirit of Christ. And that they may be enabled thereunto, beside the graces they have already received, there is required an actual influence of the same Holy Spirit, to work in them to will, and to do, of His good pleasure: yet are they not hereupon to grow negligent, as if they were not bound to perform any duty unless upon a special motion of the Spirit; but they ought to be diligent in stirring up the grace of God that is in them.

*Songs of Celebration: House of the Lord (Nursery)

   Psalter 37A Do Not Be Angry**

Prayer of Supplication: (see insert)

Scripture Reading: 1 Peter 3:1-12                                                                            p. 1077/1392

Sermon: 1 Peter 3:4 A Meek and Quiet Spirit

Theme: The excellence and grace of a meek and quiet spirit is not just for women, but for all Christians.


  • The Excellence of a Meek and Quiet Spirit


Romans 5:1; 2 Cor. 5:18; 1 John 2:9, 11; 3:15; 4:20-21; Jer. 2:32; 1 Cor. 12:31; 13:4; Eph. 2:10; Matt. 15:10-11, 19-20; 2 Kings 2:21; Pro. 11:22; 5:15-16; 31:30; Isa. 5:20; Psa. 45:13.


  • The Grace of a Meek and Quiet Spirit


Psa. 55:21; 1 Sam. 16:7; Heb. 4:12; Psa. 51:6, 10; Matt. 7:17; Mal. 2:15; 1 Tim. 2:9-10; Matt. 6:28-33; 11:29

Prayer of Application

*Hymn of Commitment: RT 533 I Am Thine, O Lord

Prayer for Tithes and Offerings

*Doxology: # 625

*Benediction: Romans 15:5-6, 33                                                                             p. 1010/1308

Closing Comment: “Blessed are you, O Israel! Who is like you, a people saved by the LORD!” Deuteronomy 33:29. Were God’s ancient people distinguished among all nations for their privileges and blessings? Then much more happy are God’s spiritual Israel. They are redeemed from a viler slavery than that of Egypt, and with a more glorious manifestation of power and grace. Believers now have not the tabernacle in the wilderness, nor the temple at Jerusalem–but they have all the precious realities  typified by them. They are not mere outer-court worshipers, but have access to the Holy of holies through the blood of the Lamb. They are not fed with the manna of the desert, but with “the True Bread of Heaven.”  They do not drink of the waters of the rock of Horeb, but of the river of life flowing from the Rock, Christ Jesus. They do not have in prospect an earthly Canaan, but a heavenly city, whose builder and Maker is God. They do not have a temporal inheritance–but an incorruptible, undefiled and unfading inheritance! Israel of old had the shadows, Christians now have the substance. “Surely God is good to Israel–to those who are pure in heart!” Psalm 73:1. (Every Day! Author unknown, 1872)


4 Responses to Morning Worship

  1. Sue MacPhee says:

    Love to attend…..service seems long…? Starts at 9:30? Dismissal…?

    • lopcreformed says:

      Thank you for your interest. The morning service starts at 9:30 and ends around 10:45 followed by Sunday School at 11 where we are studying “Pilgrim’s Progress.” Hope to see you!

  2. Deborah Jackson says:

    Sounds wonderful. I’ve been attending Lakeview in Rockport, Maine, but have moved to Buxton. Pastor Tracy recommended your fellowship.

  3. Moses Jerome Bell says:

    Thank you for having morning worship posted. My fiance and I moved to Maine 9 months ago, and we’ve had issues finding a proper church home. I’m grateful to find this available online.

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