Morning Worship

Morning Worship: December 1, 2019

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go into the house of the LORD.” Psalm 122:1


Silent Prayer of Preparation

God’s Greeting of Grace, Mercy and Peace

*Call to Worship: Psalm 100

*Prayer of Adoration

*Hymn of Adoration: RT 196 Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus

Confession of Sin: Ephesians 2:1-3

Silent Prayer and Assurance of Pardon: Ephesians 2:4-9

Confession of Faith: Westminster Shorter Catechism

Confession of Faith: Westminster Shorter Catechism

86. What is faith in Jesus Christ? A. Faith in Jesus Christ is a saving grace,a whereby we receive and rest upon Him alone for salvation, as He is offered to us in the gospel.b 10:39. b. John 1:12; Isa. 26:3–4; Phil. 3:9; Gal. 2:16.

87. What is repentance unto life? A. Repentance unto life is a saving grace,a whereby a sinner, out of a true sense of his sin,b and apprehension of the mercy of God in Christ,c does, with grief and hatred of his sin, turn from it unto God,d with full purpose of, and endeavour after, new obedience.e Acts 11:18. b. Acts 2:37–38. c. Joel 2:12; Jer. 3:22. d. Jer. 31:18–19; Ezek. 36:31. e. 2 Cor. 7:11; Isa. 1:16–17; Deut. 10:4; Matt. 19:17.

88. What are the outward and ordinary means whereby Christ communicates to us the benefits of redemption? A. The outward and ordinary means whereby Christ communicates to us the benefits of redemption, are His ordinances, especially the word, sacraments, and prayer; all which are made effectual to the elect for salvation.a Matt. 28:19–20; Acts 2:42, 46–47.

*Song of Celebration: RT 194 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel  

Prayer of Supplication: (see insert)

Special Music: “It’s About the Cross” ~ Choir

Scripture Reading: Psalm 73:15-28; Philippians 1:12-30

Sermon: Philippians 1:21 For to Me, to Live is Christ

Theme: Those who live in Christ on earth will live with Christ in heaven.

     Intro: Romans 14:8; Philippians 1:6, 18.

  1. What is the principle of my life?

Eph. 3:17; Gal. 2:20; 1 John 5:12; 3:9; 2:27; 1:7; John 3:3; Eph. 2:8-10.

  1. What is the pattern of my life?

Rom. 8:29; Matt. 3:17; Rom. 12:1-2; 1 Peter 2:21; Mark 8:34; 1 John 2:6; Phil. 2:5; 1 Peter 1:13-16; Matt. 6:24; Psa. 103:8-13; Luke 6:40.

  1. What is the comfort of my life?

Luke 2:25; Matt. 1:21; Gen. 42:38; Mal. 4:2; Psa. 4:7; Matt. 17:4; Jer. 9:24; 1 Peter 1:8.

Prayer of Application

Hymn of Preparation: BH 140 A Communion Hymn for Christmas

Celebration of the Lord’s Supper

            Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 11:23-29

            Fencing of the Table and Distribution of Elements          

            Prayer of Praise

*Hymn of Commitment: RT 213 What Child Is This

Prayer for Tithes and Offerings

*Doxology: RT 731

*Benediction: Numbers 6:24-26

Closing Comment: He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by His wounds you have been healed. 1 Peter 2:24. Blessed announcement! Not the less hateful, nor hated, is the sin because it is forgiven and entirely blotted out. Oh no! Let the Lord touch your heart, Christian reader, with a sense of His pardoning love, with the assurance of His forgiveness, and you will go and hate, and mortify, and forsake it, more resolutely and effectually than ever. And must the Son of God become the Son of Man, that those who are by nature children of wrath, might become the sons of God! Must God, the eternal God, the high and lofty One, stoop so low as to become incarnate, and that for sinners; for me, a poor worthless sinner! To save me from eternal woe, must the Son of Man suffer, agonize, and die; die in my stead, die for my sins, die an accursed death! Ah! Lord, what must sin be, what must my sin be! How little have I thought of it, how little have I mourned for it, still less have I hated it as I ought to have hated it! Lord, how vile, how unutterably vile I am! Oh, hated sin! Do You forgive it, Father of my mercies? This only makes it more hateful still. (Octavius Winslow)



4 Responses to Morning Worship

  1. Sue MacPhee says:

    Love to attend…..service seems long…? Starts at 9:30? Dismissal…?

    • lopcreformed says:

      Thank you for your interest. The morning service starts at 9:30 and ends around 10:45 followed by Sunday School at 11 where we are studying “Pilgrim’s Progress.” Hope to see you!

  2. Deborah Jackson says:

    Sounds wonderful. I’ve been attending Lakeview in Rockport, Maine, but have moved to Buxton. Pastor Tracy recommended your fellowship.

  3. Moses Jerome Bell says:

    Thank you for having morning worship posted. My fiance and I moved to Maine 9 months ago, and we’ve had issues finding a proper church home. I’m grateful to find this available online.

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