Ladies Bible Study

2018-2019 Ladies Bible Study Season

God of Creation A Study of Genesis 1-11 Author:  Jen Wilkin

What/When/Where:   The Ladies Bible Study will be the first Saturday of each month, September 2018 through May 2019, from 9:30 to 11:30 in the fellowship hall.  We will be studying Genesis 1-11 using Jen Wilkin’s “God of Creation” Study Guide.   Pastor is ordering these now and you may pick one up when they arrive.   We will order more as needed.

How it Works:   Jen Wilkin’s books are organized by “Week,” but one “Week” in her book is what we study in one Month.   Except for our first meeting in September*, each month you will have homework to do prior to our meeting.  So for October (see schedule below), you will work your way through “Week 3” in your books, which covers Genesis 1:1 -2:3, trying to spend some time looking up the verses and answering the homework questions.   When you arrive for the Bible Study in October, we will begin by watching Jen Wilkin’s teaching video – usually around 40 minutes – and then we will spend our remaining time discussing selected portions of our “Week 3” homework and the related Bible passages.

*For September only, since you will not have done any “homework” yet, we have to do things backwards:   I will cover some introductory material and we will work our way through selected portions of the “Week 2” homework in the workbooks, discussing along the way, and end with the Week 2 video.  We have to start somewhere! 

Here’s the 2018-2019 “God of Creation” study plan (Lord Willing!):  


DATE (Saturdays) WORKBOOK Section BIBLE
September 1 Week 1 & 2 of Workbook Intro & Genesis 1:1
October 6 Week 3 Genesis 1:1 – 2:3


November 3 Week 4 Genesis 2:4 – 25


December 1 Week 5 Genesis 3


January 5 Week 6 Genesis 4:1 – 16


February 2 Week 7 Genesis 4:17 – 6:8


March 2 Week 8 Genesis 6:9 – 8:14


April 6 Week 9 Genesis 8:15 – 9:29


May 4 Week 10 Genesis 10-11

ONE FINAL NOTE:   Even though we take a whole month to cover only one “Week” in the workbook, sometimes it’s hard to get even that done!   Life happens.  Please be encouraged to just do what you can and try to come to the Bible Study even if your workbook is BLANK.   Just reading the Bible passages is something.   And getting together with the other women in our study, and listening in on the discussion (even if you feel you have nothing to add), can be used by God to bless your life…..and ours!